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Update: This fundraiser is now closed. A total of $548 was sent to the defenders of Ukraine, split between the army and Vostok SOS. Thank you all who’ve contributed. If you wish to further support the war effort, you can make a donation here.

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. By now you’ve seen what that means: hundreds of people raped and murdered, cities reduced to rubble, millions of refugees in Europe. But the Ukrainians are fighting like lions and over the past couple of weeks they’ve shown what they can do. To support their continued fight against Russia’s murderous army, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my books go straight to the defenders of Ukraine1.

$548 of $1000 raised

If you can, please join me in this effort. My goal is to raise $1000 through book sales. I know it sounds like a rounding error when you compare it with big ticket war stuff like anti-tank missiles, which cost $250,000 each, but a war effort needs a myriad other small things: food, medicine, clothes.

I am the author of The Wilds of Shikoku, a book about a short walk in Japan. It has nothing to do with war but I hope it can serve in some small way to help the tens of millions of people whose peace was snatched away on the order of a criminal regime.

The book comes in two editions. The regular edition costs $47 while the special edition is $97. A digital edition is included with both print editions at no extra charge. If you already own a copy of The Wilds of Shikoku, please consider buying another copy for a friend, or buy a copy of the special edition.

Select a book to support the defenders of Ukraine

Peter Orosz holds a copy of his book “The Wilds of Shikoku”

The Wilds of Shikoku ($47)

170 of 500 available

A book about a five hundred kilometer walk across Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands, in January and February 2019.

Detail of the indigo blue cover of The Wilds of Shikoku

The Wilds of Shikoku: Tokushima Blue ($97)

9 of 16 available

An edition of 16 whose covers are printed on indigo-colored paper from Tokushima, the part of Japan where the walk begins.

Last update: August 16, 2022

  1. In practice, this means that payments I receive from Gumroad, where I sell my books, are forwarded to the special fundraising account set up by the National Bank of Ukraine.

    This account collects money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Sending money to an army should be your choice, not mine. If you do not wish to directly support the army, I will forward your contribution to Vostok SOS, a Ukrainian NGO who help deliver medical and humanitarian aid to local people, evacuate vulnerable people, and provide tailored trauma support in the aftermath of shelling.↩︎