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Portrait of Peter Orosz 📷 Portrait by Nishimoto Kyōko

My name is Peter Orosz. I live in Tartu, Estonia. My family name is pronounced O-ros — it’s the Hungarian word for Russian”, which I am not.

I’m the author of a book and a series of visual field diaries. My work is informed by the long walks I regularly go on.

I’m currently walking around all of Japan. You can follow my journey here.

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A Something Like Peace (In Progress)

An upcoming photo-book about re-thatching a medieval farmhouse in the hills north of Kyōto, Japan’s old capital, in October 2019.

The Wilds of Shikoku (2019)

A book about a five hundred kilometer walk across Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands, in January and February 2019.


Human Again (2022)

From a walk across northern Hokkaido, in August and September 2022, the second stage of my walk around all of Japan.

Shikoku Field Diary (2019)

From the 500-kilometer walk across Shikoku in January and February 2019 that became the subject of The Wilds of Shikoku.

These Walking Dreams (2017)

From a 4,300-kilometer walk across Japan, in the spring and summer of 2017, the first stage of my walk around all of Japan.

Travels in Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan (2016)

From a three-month journey in Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan, including an 800-kilometer walk across the Zagros Mountains, in the spring of 2016.


Many of my photos are what make my visual field diaries visual: they are parts of the diaries themselves.

I post individual photos on Glass. You can follow me there, or add my Glass URL to your RSS reader.

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You can buy a copy of my book The Wilds of Shikoku, and also a special edition of it, in my shop on Gumroad.


A list of my long walks, mainly in Japan but also elsewhere in Asia and Europe, can be found here, with maps, dates, distances, and descriptions.

Follow my current walk around all of Japan here.


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