These Walking Dreams: Day 81 (July 2, 2017)

Tōno, Fukushima → 🏙 Iwaki, Fukushima

Map of Fukushima with author’s route from Tōno to Iwaki highlighted. 🗺 Open map in GaiaGPS ⇝

A page in a psalm book for children decorated with stars and a spaceship.

Another page in the same book shows frogs relaxing in their underground chambers.

Small children in a church, dwarfed by the benches. 📍 Iwaki, Fukushima

At the Reformed Protestant congregation of Iwaki, children get Japanese cartoon stickers when they attend Sunday service, where they sing from psalm books illustrated with space rockets and idle frogs. I wonder what my great-great-grandfather, a 19th century author of Reformed psalms, would think, but there is no bridging these worlds.

Bronze statue of a girl about to depart for a journey and looking melancholy.

Dusk view over a Japanese cityscape.

📍 Iwaki, Fukushima

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These Walking Dreams is a visual field diary of a 4,300-kilometer walk from one end of Japan to the other, in the spring and summer of 2017.