Talking the walk

A quick reminder that this coming Monday, on July 17 at 7 PM JST, I will be speaking about my past โ€” and future! โ€” long walks in Japan for Informasia, a lecture series on many things Japan and Asia.

You are all welcome to join on Zoom.

Please note that itโ€™s 7 PM in Japan. For most of you that will be either midday (Europe) or very early morning (US). Use this link to see the exact time for your location.

If youโ€™d like to attend but canโ€™t make it, a recording of the talk will be available later next week, and I will include a link in my next email, in August.

I shall hope to see you.

I will also talk about the new new thing

Which is that I will be going back to Japan in a couple of weeks, in early September, and make a shot at going full circle around the country on foot: back to Kagoshima in the south, where I started in April 2017, then beyond, all the way to a small island called Yonaguni, which is closer to Taiwan than the nearest convenience store. Yes, it will be broadcast. Details aplenty in my next email.

The thatching book riseth from the dead, inshallah

Iโ€™m meeting a graphic design duo next week who have shown interest in taking on the design work of A Something Like Peace, my thatching book of doom. That is all I have at this point, but I shall know more by the time you hear from me again. Fingers crossed!


In my eagerness to show you the splendidness of my 2.0 website, I sent it out two weeks ago with the image zoom function completely broken. A slight issue on a site with about 1,200 pictures of Japan. Itโ€™s all fixed now, and you can click/tap on anything, including maps, to zoom in. Start here.

I thank reader Mark K. for drawing my attention to this very embarrassing bug.

Pro tip: Ctrl- or โŒ˜-clicking an image will open it in a new tab.

Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. An offering of candy, candy, and more candy (including a box of Russian chocolates that show the volcanoes Koryaksky and Avachinsky on Kamchatka) for the spirits that appear to inhabit my street.

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