Introducing: , and my longest walk ever

I’m going on a walk. On September 15, I will leave Wakkanai, Hokkaido, for the third and final stage of my walk around all of Japan, a journey I started in 2017 and continued in 2022. Come and join me on my longest walk ever, which you can also support if you become a member of , my new membership program.


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I’ve been going on long walks since 2015. Many of them have been in Japan, including the longest one so far, when I walked from the south-western end of the country to its easternmost point in 2017, a journey of some 4,300 kilometers. Last year, I continued from the same spot and walked on to Wakkanai, Japan’s northernmost city. Yes, maps.

In September, I’m going back to Wakkanai to attempt a walk around all of Japan: back on a different route to Kagoshima, the city in the south-west I had walked out of in April 2017, then along the Ryūkyū Islands that stretch in a long arc from Kagoshima to Taiwan. The last island is called Yonaguni. That’s my spot on the horizon. It’s the very end of Japan, closer to Taiwan than to the nearest Japanese convenience store, a place with its very own writing system and its own breed of horse. I was recently told by Mark Rosa, an American linguist who has studied Yonaguni for decades, that the horses are wild and on the small side.

He appears to be right, but I want to see for myself. I expect to get to Yonaguni around April 2024, one calendar year after leaving Kagoshima. Regardless of whether I make it or not, this will be my last long walk in Japan.



1. Mastodon

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Perhaps because it is an adventure.


With your help.

Concurrent with the walk, I’m launching  , my new membership program. Some of you have already heard about it in private emails, and I thank everyone who has decided to join.

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costs €10 a month. You can also pay €100 to join for a year, and then you will get large discounts on The Wilds of Shikoku, my book about another walk in Japan, and on all my future books, too, beginning with A Something Like Peace, my book about re-thatching a medieval farmhouse in Kyōto, which will be published after my walk around Japan, in the summer of 2024.

Is this for you? Unless you are a huge fan of my work, probably not. But if you are that person, if my work brings to your life the monthly equivalent in joy of eight scoops of the best ice cream in Rome, then I will thank you with all my heart if you spend another €10 by joining .

It’s not cheap. If all you have is €10 to spare, definitely go for the ice cream. Maybe Pistacchio al quadrato, Nocciola, Mandorla in comitiva !!!!, Croccante totale and Lampone for the main course and Fichi, Uva fragola and Pesca percoca for dessert. That’s a lot of ice cream. The main course is also ice cream. €10. No, it won’t be bad for you, and neither will walking vicariously.

See you from Giappone and enjoy the ride.

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