๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’› Books for Ukraine

In my last letter I mentioned that I would write in March about the next parts of These Walking Dreams, my visual field diary about a long walk in Japan. What I didnโ€™t know then and we all know now is that while I was busy planning the launch of my website, the President of Russia was equally busy planning the invasion of Ukraine. This calls for a change of plans and I need your help.

I have about 200 unsold copies of The Wilds of Shikoku, my first book. From now on 100% of the proceeds from each sale will go straight to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the only thing standing between Ukrainians and the missiles, tanks, and guns of Russia. Iโ€™ve set up a page where you can see whatโ€™s available.

My goal is to raise $1000 and I think that together we can do this. It wonโ€™t be enough for a Saint Javelin but I hope it can serve in some very small way to help the tens of millions of people whose peace was snatched away on the order of a murderous regime.

Of course youโ€™re probably reading this letter because you already own a copy of my book. So buy one for a friend! Or consider getting a copy of Tokushima Blue, a special edition of 16 with indigo-colored covers. Theyโ€™re very, very beautiful.

But letโ€™s not stop there. If youโ€™re also the publisher of a book and would like to contribute copies to Books for Ukraine, please get in touch:

P.S.: You might wonder why a book that has nothing to do with war is being used to support an army. I write this from the safety of my home in Estonia, like Ukraine a post-Soviet state but one with powerful friends. Ukrainians do not enjoy such luxuries. As you read this letter, the invading Russian army is relentlessly and indiscriminately attacking Ukrainian citizens with rockets and artillery. Until last week, my book was just that, a book. But I hope that with your help, it can turn into something more suited to these times.

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